Recently I was having one of those casual throw-away types of conversations with someone while waiting for somebody else.  She’d been shopping for the afternoon, and began saying how she’d been trying to kerb her shopping habits of late, as kept finding herself buying things for the sake of it rather than through genuine need […]

Stressed Out

Is stress a 21st century condition?  Has it always been around?  Did people just deal with it differently before?  What are the answers?  It seems as though stress is a recent condition because it’s only over the last 150+ yrs that there have been such massive changes in the pace of life, in westernized countries […]

Quit Smoking Today

We often take up smoking to fit in with our peers, especially while at school.  Its conceived by some as being hip and schoolchildren are the largest group to take up smoking. When Do We Start Smoking Some recent and startling statistics revealed here, show that in the UK by ages 12-13-yrs 31% of kids […]

Work Life Balance

What has life balance come to mean in society , in particular we hear time and again about worklife balance, and how important this is to ensure we live a healthy well-balanced life. But what does it mean for you? I think of it like a pendulum, one week may be mad busy with social […]