Chronic Diseases

Chronic Disease
Chronic Disease And Pain

Chronic disease comes and goes over weeks, months, years, even decades!

And maybe you are suffering ongoing symptoms that have been hanging around for longer than you care to remember?

Here at ABC Simple As we work at restoring your health and vitality by using a range of up-to-the-minute tools and techniques that give you back complete control and teach you to become your own expert.

In western developed countries most doctors are pressurized to address medical conditions (and any ongoing implications) with prescription drugs.

But is this approach really working as far as disease diagnosis and limited resources are concerned?

Chronic Conditions To Address

Chronic conditions that can be addressed include:

  • Pain from muscular-skeletal, injuries and accidents
  • Acute, ongoing and serious diseases, including cancer, heart and diabetes
  • Psychological mood-swing conditions and behaviours

But once you find the original causes of a chronic condition, you can learn to become free of it once and for all.

The All Too Familiar Comfort Zone

Stepping Out Of The Comfort Zone

And if you have had a condition or more than one that has held you back from living a more normalized life, this may sound phantasmagorical. But I totally get that, because I’ve there!

We thrive, or not, within our own created comfort zone and sometimes it takes a shock, to catapult us out of a safe-haven of predictability, and as we accommodate our illness it too becomes our norm and stretches to a point where sometimes we hardly recognize (or lose) who we were (and sometimes what we lose was the best part of ourselves, the free spirit as it were.

Yet once you take the first step outside of that all too reliable cushion we call life, there is so much more. There are even schools of thought that believe the illness is the catalyst, and I’m starting to understand how that is for myself.

If you are fed-up with the same-old same-old and have a medical condition to address then the tools and techniques we share here are among the best you’ll find anywhere on the planet, in regards to starting with your diagnosis in order to determine the underlying emotional stress that created the condition.

And if you’d like to arrange a chat please drop a line through the contact form and take your first steps towards a clean-bill-of-health and a-new-lease-of-life.