Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders
Stressed About Weight And Thin

Someone who has an eating disorder is usually the last one to know it as denial plays a big part and is one of the saddest aspects for all their nearest and dearest.

So how do you help someone to recognize their own symptoms so that they can get on board with themselves?

And more importantly how do you as a sufferer learn to trust what others are telling you?

These symptoms can be addressed once you are prepared to accept you have them, so you can get back to living a relatively normal life and get away from that all too downward spiraling obsession with weight and every mouthful that you eat.

It’s Your Body

Here’s a story that may sound a little-off-track, but it should become clear shortly. It’s about a television programme I saw, showing a man that lives in a Suffolk village preparing themselves for the Britain In Bloom competition.

The villagers were so keen to win the prize for their village, where it’s paramount to have clean streets, buildings, houses and gardens looking at their optimum for the purpose.

But contrasting this was one village resident, John, who in their eyes was letting them all down. Now John lived in the same house all his life with his parents until they passed away 8-yrs prior and as we caught him on the documentary he was slowly, but surely burying himself in rubbish (both inside the house) and it had over-spilled into his garden with 3 beaten up old cars sprawled around alongside wood, piping, clutter, you name it.

John is a hoarder in his late fifties / early sixties and hadn’t thrown out a newspaper since 1987,

It’s Your Life

Eating Disorders
Avoiding Life

Indoors he guided the camera man/interviewer, treading cautiously, as they literally had to clamber over stacks of newspapers(at least 10 foot high) to get around indoors and through what were once doorways but had become small slits and gaps that he had to wriggle through like an exploratory caver feeling his way.

John’s whole house and exterior were like this, and as a viewer I felt sad for him.

The thing is it is your life and when you have shut everyone out and stopped listening it’s already an indication that you’ve lost the ability to go with the flexible flow that everyday life demands of all of us.

John’s Obsessive Hoarding

But you can imagine how the villagers felt towards him, they were past feeling pity and certainly focused on the prize they wanted for the village, as they scrupulously cleared each street to within an inch of its life, an ironic contrast to be sure.

But what a sad thing to see, because John is clearly intelligent and witty, but his downfall is an inability to see what he is doing to himself, what is literally right under his nose. But I had to switch off, because you know how television programmes have no shame in exposing vulnerable people, it was fairly unbearable to watch and I’d not tuned in for the purpose (in fact was visiting someone at the time).

The reason I’m sharing this here, is because it’s exactly the same in how a person with an eating disorder goes about their life. Living in total denial, while compulsively obsessing over the minutiae of their weight, but looking in all the wrong places for solace.

A Medical Diagnosis

Maybe you’ve been given a medical diagnosis, maybe you have your suspicions but haven’t plucked up the courage to visit the doctor for a diagnosis convincing yourself you’re simply dieting.

Either way come and have a chat and find out if what we do here to see if it’s a good fit for you. Just fill out the contact form here and we can arrange an appointment, its free, so there’s nothing to lose.