Medical Phobias

Do You Want To Deal With A Medical Procedure You Need Without The Panic That Sets In Through Your Phobia And Fear?

I help remove the fears and phobias related to any medical procedures you need

Some people are so terrified of doctors, hospitals and dentists, that it keeps them from getting checked out for what could well be a minor ailment, or something they neglected to get checked over, that by leaving it so late before seeking intervention, meant the condition had considerably worsened.

Are you, a family member or friend scared of:

  • Surgery?
  • The Dentist drill?
  • Medical procedures?
  • Injections and needles?

If this sounds familiar, the techniques Jane uses help to allay the fears, that make the experience 100 x worse than it actually is.

This way you’ll be in control, engaged with the process and calm enough to ask your medical practitioner the questions you can’t even think of when you’re so stressed out by the thoughts of the procedure.

This means you gain more control over the situation, and absorb the information the Doctor or Dentist is saying to you. By being relaxed you’ll be able to recover more quickly and have a brighter outlook about the whole experience.


Here’s what one lady said about this technique:

“For years I had suffered a phobia about hospitals, doctors, medical procedures of any kind. Thanks to Jane and the way she uses EFT I was able to have a much needed medical procedure that I had put off for nearly 12 months because of my deep rooted fear.

I feel in a much better position to deal with the panicky and negative emotions that I experienced when encountering health issues in the past.” A.M – Folkestone

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