NES miHealth

Why NES Infoceuticals

For META-Medicine consultations taken face-to-face Jane uses the handheld NES miHealth machine which allows her to apply The META-Healing Process (which integrates with a range of other techniques) and is so effective.

It’s the approach Jane uses with all clients where relevant (it wouldn’t be used for either Food Cravings or a One-Off Consultation).

What Difference Does NES Health Make?

The aim of working together is to ensure your sessions move you forwards as quickly as possible, taking you back into full health and vitality to fire on all cylinders. Without NES it can take much longer.

Session time is spent using this system to unearth what created your unhelpful relationship with food and finally allow you to get off the hamster-wheel by getting it out of your system.

NES miHealth

Why NES Infoceuticals

Jane uses the NES miHealth because it’s such an amazing tool already. But used in tandem with the META=Medicine model of information, it has revolutionized the way she works with clients because of the speedier results this collective method affords.

Working face-to-face you’ll gain the benefit of working together using one of only a handful of these machines, worldwide, containing the embedded META-Medicine brain infoceuticals within the machine.

For Sale

These are for sale … details to follow … but they do come at a price! The purchase includes a two day training programme.

The machine has an extra system loaded onto it for the purpose, but even as a standalone item it’s a phenomenal piece-of-kit with a massive range of features.

The miHealth hand-held machine makes the Tens Machine look so last century because it’s so much more powerful, has so many more features, which delivers a much wider, deeper capability, yet it’s so incredibly gentle.