Complimentary Chat

It’s a good idea to have an introductory chat before committing to any sessions for a number of reasons:

  • So you can discuss what you want to address in more detail
  • It allows us to ascertain how long something has been going on
  • It’s an opportunity to see if we’re a good match for making the changes you want
  • You can ask any questions at all (please check out the website to get a better idea of what you want to know)

This conversation is the first step to bringing about your ideal outcome and is carried out over the telephone or the internet using Skype.  There are a variety of session packages to choose from and this is largely determined by the information you share at this time.

Personal Therapy Plan

What Does It Involve

Following your META-Medicine diagnosis you can go the extra mile and have a Personal Therapy Plan that is designed around your medical condition, the META-Medicine findings and causation.  In order to get you out of the disease process and prevent it from restarting, we recommend the plan in order to address all sides of your health and bring all parts back into harmony.

For example you may need to adopt a different eating plan – temporarily – in order to rebalance your bodies pH.  You may need to get back into an exercise routine and we’d look at finding something you love doing that addresses the health benefits your system requires.  There may be other factors and we take these on board.

For areas outside my expertise I know some great practitioners that I’d be happy to recommend, but by all means you can use your own support-network.

The META-Healing Process Level 1

  • What is META-Healing?
  • How can it help me and others?
  • Learn how to apply these techniques?
  • Find out how the disease process works?

This is a science-based healing technique that weaves seamlessly into whatever methods you currently use.  It connects the brain, the organ and the heart in order to be ultimately free of a medical condition.

What’s Covered?

This LEVEL 1 Training is jam-packed with valuable information that includes an introduction to META-Medicine; what causes disease, the two-phases of disease, clearing both causes and symptoms.  Learn about the brain layers through these 4-associated conditions:

  • Digestion (Brain stem) – survival
  • Acne (Cerebellum) – protection
  • Muscular pain (Medulla) – self-worth
  • Eczema (Cortex) – social / environmental

Who Will Benefit?

This course is for alternative therapists, practitioners in traditional medicine and lay-people alike.  If any of the above conditions are affecting you, your clients or patients, this makes all the difference.


Takes place at Hythe Imperial Hotel (CT21 6AE) on 24-25 September @ £349.00 and Early-Bird @ £249.00 when booked by 31 August. Please call Jane Unsworth for more information.

What does it involve

Once you have a medical diagnosis META-Medicine enables you to discover what exactly disrupted your system and started you off on the disease process you’re in right now.

The aim here at ABC Simple As … is to get you back into ‘your zone’, feeling a spring in your step once more, or maybe for the first time, so that you can feel optimistic about yourself, your life and your prospects moving forwards.

Medical Timeline:

You fill out a Medical Timeline to give a full history of your past illness along with any traumas.

This treatment involves arranging this treatment through a META-Medicine Physician (traditionally trained).   There are two options in how the scan is taken:

Option 1

If you already have a Brain CT Scan and want a META-Medicine reading, the existing x-ray can be scanned and emailed over to a recommended speciailist (I will recommend the most experienced doctor with a traditional background) and can assure a hight-quality service throughout.  My current recommendation is Dr Anton Badar who’s highly experienced in both fields.

Option 2

This method requires you to fly into Germany (or nearest to you) to have a CT Brain Scan taken, where you will obtain your results as part of the process.

META-Medicine Analysis

  • Addictions
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Bi-polar
  • Chronic disease
  • Chronic pain
  • Compulsions
  • Depression
  • OCD
  • Panic attacks
  • Phobias
  • Stop smoking
  • Stress
  • Unhelpful behaviours
  • Weight control and relationships with food

Are any of the above affecting you right now, perhaps you’re concerned about a close friend or relative whose life is being impacted?   Have you explored all the options the medical profession has to offer and feel you have to settle for a life-time of living on mood, pain or disease controlling drugs.

META-Medicine offers a different approach where the benefits from recent scientific findings not only reveal how a particular condition happens but how to become free of it, and get on with living as ‘normal’ a life as anyone.

The META-Medicine (MM) model dovetails seamlessly into western medicine by using your diagnosis (even the inexplicable), and working side-by-side to find the solutions to what keeps showing up in your body (or mind).

Are you someone who has experienced any of the following but wonder if you’ll ever get your life on track:

  • A persistent emotional charge around something or someone?
  • A range of mood swings?
  • A chronic pain or disease?
  • Anxieties around people, situations and life in general?
  • An inexplicable condition that’s left you floundering for answers?
  • An unwanted habit where you ‘run to for cover’ at every opportunity?

All of the above can he helped with META-Medicine (MM) because this model explains biologically how a specific event/s can affect the entire system with a particular set of physical, mental and/or emotional symptoms.


Hypnotherapy is a well-known treatment and is readily available as a treatment programme if you prefer it.

With this you will receive included hypnosis recordings to accompany your progress. The number of recordings is dependent on what you are addressing, but it generally runs as one to begin with, one mid-way and one in conclusion.

Tell me more …

If you’d like to learn more then you’re welcome to an ‘introductory chat’ – as mentioned above – all sessions are ‘private and confidential.

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