As a result of working with Jane there have been significant shifts around how I see and feel myself to be. Working with her was easy and fun. The changes have been profound and are continuing to resonate and impact on my life. Thank you!

L.T. Folkestone Therapist

I worked with Jane to help overcome a long held fear of blood, in particular having a blood test. The thought of having a test invoked panic attacks for me. Jane immediately put me at ease and reassured me.

The process involved getting to the core of the problem and what my fears really were. Jane had a very calm manner which was helpful for me to relax. I had a blood test a few weeks later and was completely fine and felt none of the previous symptoms. Thank you Jane.

Jack Yorke (aged 17)

For as long as I can remember, I have had strong desires to over-eat and to satisfy my sweet tooth. As an adult I would tend to resist these cravings most days, but in the end the feeling of dissatisfaction would eventually take over, leading me to binge eating, followed by extreme guilt for what I was doing to my poor body.

As soon as I started working with Jane, big changes started happening with my relationship with food. I stopped thinking about the next meal of the day, and I stopped ‘needing’ a dessert to appease my sweet tooth. After 4 sessions my cravings seemed to have vanished, and I’m not really sure how it happened!

Jane’s techniques seemed strange to me at first, but I soon warmed up to it when I started seeing results. Without even trying I have lost almost a stone since we started working together! I found Jane to be really easy to talk to, and I have never felt judged. She is very intuitive and seems to always know what to say to bring about a new level of awareness in me.

As a colonic hydrotherapist and nutritionist, I understand how common it is to struggle with food issues, and I see how tempting it is for people to try and find unhealthy, quick fix solutions to stay slim. I always discourage dieting to my clients, but I feel very happy to recommend Jane to them if they are trying to lose weight in a healthy way.

Kelly Sangiuseppe

Trinity Clinic Folkestone

After our session I felt very good, much more myself where two parts of me came together so I feel more complete with myself. It is so funny, but I can’t remember the item of the session any more. I only remember the colours in my body and the sense of well-being, I feel as though I have more freedom from the past.

I very much enjoyed Jane’s calm, friendly accompaniment and her gentle questioning. I felt safe and found it easy to open up during the session.

L.M. Germany

For years I had suffered a phobia about hospitals, doctors, medical procedures of any kind. Thanks to Jane and the way she uses EFT I was able to have a much needed medical procedure that I had put off for nearly 12 months because of my deep rooted fear.

I feel in a much better position to deal with the panicky and negative emotions that I experience when encountering health issues.

Alison Martin – Kent

Working with Jane has been hugely useful. I have experienced new thoughts that brought about changes to my perception, I have felt emotional releases with moments of supreme understanding and clarity. Jane was always warm and empathic, and I felt truly listened to. What a blessing to have met her. Thank you.

S.F. Devon

Working with Jane was a delight! With humor, compassion and insight, she was able to help me access many issues, and to clear them out. She also directed me to useful information regarding disease and healing so that I could understand where I was in the healing process. Jane is a highly trained and talented coach, and a truly lovely person! Thank you.

Thank you so very much for the excellent recommendations.

B.T. Washington

Thank you for the the session last Friday. You were brilliant. You hit on many KEY points that were in my unconscious. Thank you for helping me with the stress around my book. That was really brilliant for me to see HOW much I was wrapped up in the blood sweat and tears of my baby!!

I feel much more centered and clear about moving forward with it. Thanks again.

B.D. Colorado

Jane is very open and trusting to work with and made me feel safe and welcomed to the sessions where I met with her positivity and felt completely heard.

All the concerns and issues I wanted to work through were focused on and dealt with piece-by-piece. And time spent in-between weekly sessions helped me in working on familiarising myself with the techniques and applying them to whatever was needed.

The experience felt a little surreal, because before I started this I’d been unable to pull myself out of a depressed state and even after the first session there were some real differences where I was able to think far more positively to avoid slipping into those old unhappy states.

What I’d liken it to is Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food Chocolate ice-cream with marshmallow, caramel swirls with fish shaped chocolate chunks. It is really complex getting to know yourself again and among other things discovering you have a likability factor when you’d forgotten it even existed, has given me a completely different perspective on life.

The outcome has been life-changing and I’m now able to look at myself in a far more positive light, and really accept and enjoy being me for what is probably the first time.

I’d definitely recommend Jane and these methods to other people because it gives you a greater understanding of yourself and what you’re capable of.

I was surprised by how quickly I picked up the tapping technique and now automatically use it on any stressful situation. I really enjoy the calm feeling I get when I go into my zone, address whatever’s needed, and just get on with living my new life as a regular person.

K.T. London

I want to thank you for the EFT sessions we have enjoyed over the past few weeks. I found them really good, indeed I looked forward to each session as afterwards I felt that the issue we had been dealing with had been so quickly and efficiently resolved.

So much so, that I almost felt as though I couldn’t relate to having the issue in the first place! Not only were the issues that we worked on resolved but I also found myself feeling much more confident and grounded and feeling different in myself. I have more of a ‘sense of self’ and feel less anxious. I’ve noticed that in groups of people I don’t feel uncomfortable as I did before. It’s had a huge impact on my life as I feel it will continue to overall. I have felt more energized and enthusiastic about life in general and it seems to have affected all areas of my life.

I found Jane very easy to work with, I thought that she got to the core of the issue very quickly and I felt at ease speaking to her. I will recommend her to all my friends.

I was impressed with the support she gave me between sessions via email and the homework helped me to both work in-between sessions and develop better ideas of what to work on. This experience provided a variety of techniques to work with and I realise the benefits this will have for other areas of my life if and when they arise. Very best wishes, and thank you!

J.A. Manchester

I saw Jane for lack of confidence and related issues after recovering from cancer. I found the tapping technique she taught extremely helpful. It not only worked very quickly (almost instantaneously at times) but gave me a tool that I could use, not just in a therapeutic setting, but at home.

R.E. Kent