The Techniques

Since 2004 Jane has been increasing her practice knowledge and qualifications in a wide range of alternative health tools and techniques. Here’s the list:

Hypnosis, NLP & Coaching


Taking an NLP Practitioner course with Paul McKenna and NLP co-founder Richard Bandler was where it all really started, and Jane hasn’t looked back. This course taught the magic of the mind and was incredible to be a part of.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a great for goal setting and helps to get you on-track for what you’re wanting to achieve, using SMART goals allows you to be get clarity and work in real-time.


Studying Hypnotherapy helped in understanding how the conscious and subconscious minds work, Jane studied with the Atkinson Ball College at Regents College.

Energy Psychology

EFT Tapping

Taking 3-levels of EFT Practitioner Training in 2008, with EFT Brighton, made all the difference in how Jane is able to work, by getting deeper into an issue, more quickly and eliminating it just as fast, this is a great technique for making great shifts around issues that have hung around for the longest time.


Jane studied as a Psych-K Advanced Facilitator in 2008 with Mary Trenfield and learned this great technique for muscle testing, and checking balance with a desired goal, it can get very sophisticated.

Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is a beautiful add-on to EFT, allowing you to go back to past events and reimprint the energy around them, it’s not so much about changing the event as changing the emotional energy around a past event, so it no longer plays a part in keeping you stuck. Jane studied with Karl Dawson in 2010.


Studying META-Medicine in 2010 and due to qualify as a Master Health Coach in 2012, META-Medicine is one of the best tools Jane has discovered, because it tells us exactly what we need to work on, which cuts down time, making it a more efficient principle to work from. It has great information on the topic of weight. Jane studied with Richard Flook.

The META-Healing Process

The META-Healing Process, draws from a range of the above techniques but differs in that it draws from the META-Medicine information and allows you to go and heal the affected tissue, which even applies to weight. Richard Flook created this technique and Jane studied it in 2011.

NES miHealth
Face-to-face sessions include using the NES miHealth handheld machine which is a sophisticated piece-of-kit.

Sessions are either in person or remotely, but either way Jane uses NES Health products to assist the process because their efficiency cuts down the time spent working together. Jane qualified to use this information in 2011 with NES Health London.

NES Infoceuticals
For Skype and Telephone sessions a set of these colloidal minerals is ordered to assist the sessions before working together.

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