Back Strain

Back Strain
Feeling The Strain

According to the UK’s Back Care Statistics, back pain is so common that according to a survey published in 2000 around 40% of adults report suffering with Lower Back Pain (lasting for at least 24-hrs) at some time each year.

It goes on to estimate that around 80% of adults will experience it at some point in their life, although in most cases it won’t linger the indications of cost on our overburdened health service, is costly to say the least.

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The report goes on to assert there is no clear pathology that identifies a cause, although they say there could be contributing factors such as:

  • Having had back pain before
  • Smoking or obesity
  • Physical factors such as heavy physical work, where frequent bending, twisting, lifting, pulling and pushing are involved
  • Repetitive work, static postures and vibration
  • Psychosocial factors such as stress, anxiety, depression, job (dis)satisfaction, mental stress

What Does META-Medicine Say

According to META-Medicine there are very specific causes to all pain and disease, so let’s look at what might be causing Lower Back Pain shall w?

The muscular-skeletal system comes under the jurisdiction of the Medulla brain relay, and is identified as being a self-worth issue. But what does this mean in terms of the lower back, well firstly we need to get more specific as there are a range of areas around the lower back, so let’s take a look at a couple of them.

Back Strain
Lower Back Pain

We’re going to draw from The Biogenealogy Sourcebook by Christian Fleche because it’s a mainstay in assisting with META-Medicine diagnosis and well worth a read if this sort of thing interests you.

First let’s look at the Coccyx because it’s at the base of the spine and helps with stabilization:

  • It helps us stand upright and distinguishes us from other animals
  • Symptoms in this area are related to self-worth at the base of the personality
  • This loss of self-worth can be related to a loss of self-worth in relation to expressing oneself sexually

So already we can see a picture emerging of how being in the wrong job or a failing relationship could be impacting a person’s health.

Another area to consider is that of the Intervertebral Disks which stem from conflicts that are less severe than those affecting the bone, where a person suffering this way:

  • May not feel up to the job
  • Or may not feel they can rely on themselves for inner strength
  • Disk problems can arise from a situation where someone is buffered between two people arguing

Could It Be More Simple

You may be beginning to notice how simple this stuff is, because there is a clear correlation between the affected area and the type of conflict that lies at the root, and this is what I’ve found so magical about the META-Medicine diagnosis.

Back Strain
The META-Healing Process

I’ve yet to come across a case where it doesn’t work, the challenge lies in being honest with yourself so you can open up to the process of listening to what the brain is desperately wanting to communicate by creating the pain in the first place. Once you recognize what’s going on, within, you can fully begin a proper recovery process and that may require some lifestyle or other changes in order to learn-from the lessons and heal they body.

What is clear is that an acute back pain will clear within 6-wks, but if you’re among the 7% of the population where it develops into a chronic condition, then you won’t find a better system for learning the information behind the pain, in order to become free of the discomfort.

Simple measures can be taken to reduce the chances of developing back pain and thereby reducing the impact of existing back pain.

But nearly 40% of back pain sufferers consult with a GP and 10% will visit an alternative practitioner for help. It’s now accepted practice to advise that remaining active is vital as resting up will make the pain worse.

Does Exercise Help

Physical exercise can be very effective in helping to overcome the stiffness and discomfort, from personal experience I’ve found gentle yoga very helpful as one of a number of recuperative methods in assisting full recovery. But for me the pain didn’t actually stop occurring until I uncovered what lay beneath and now I’m pain-free.

What Is The Process

In order to become free from a recurring chronic back pain the treatment will require the discovery of what underlies the origins for you and then a range of clearing methods. It shouldn’t take more than 3-sessions provided there are not other aspects to it, but if there are they get interwoven into the treatment. If you want to know more or have a chat, just fill out the contact form to arrange.