CFS ME And Using EFT

Sasha Allenby Found EFT Helped Her Enormously

Gary Williams was replayed on his show last tonight … on BlogTalkRadio, as the expected guest was unable to attend.

Sasha Allenby was Gary’s guest talking about how she used EFT to conquer her own ME condition.

So if you or anyone you know has been diagnosed with ME / CFS and would like to work on eradicating the symptoms and tap a way back to a well-balanced body … then it could be useful information.


Or you may just care to deepen your existing knowledge of EFT and learn how simple yet effective it can be to tap on the meridian system to restore balance where a blockage of energy requires shifting.

Originally played on Friday February, 13th 2009: 6.30 GMT 10:30 am PST/1:30 pm EST – replayed on 17.04.09.  And listen again at here.

Sasha Allenby’s Story

Sasha’s story is interesting as she became symptom-free of her ME/CFS and depression after many years of searching for answers. My understanding is that it was only when she attended one of Karl Dawson’s EFT workshops that the biggest difference started to be made.

But once she learned EFT she used on any and everyone who would let her, and within no time she was building a clientèle who were getting great results themselves.

An Update In 2012

Since that interview Sasha has gone from strength to strength and co-wrote Karl’s system of Matrix Reimprinting, which Hay House picked up and took into a reprinting with them in the summer of 2010, in of itself a fantastic development.

Matrix Reimprinting itself is what I like to call the Kissing Cousin of EFT, as it’s such a natural add-on at the appropriate time during a client’s session, and works really well in helping someone reimprint the memory of what they would like to have happened instead of what did.

It doesn’t change our histories, but instead it changes the energy around the original memory and that is all that is needed to help a person become free of the baggage (if you like) of what we often carry around from experiences that happened weeks, months, years or decades ago.

It’s a great technique and is must-have for any EFT practitioner in my view. If you’d like to learn more about that Karl and Sasha’s book is here at Amaxon and they run practitioner courses all over the world through Karl’s website.

Karl Dawson And Sasha Allenby

Their success story has been quite phenomenal so much so that it seems to me there are lots of people trying to emulate their success by deriving their own technique but to no avail and I think that’s because Karl wasn’t trying to do anything, as the book shows, the technique evolved rather organically and I think this is in part why it’s been so phenomenal, and although I haven’t met Sasha, Karl trained me in both Matrix and to become an EFT Trainer and he’s not a person who seeks the limelight, which is engaging in itself.

Sasha moved to America during the latter part of 2011 and even though I don’t know her I thrill at her journey of adventure because of what she has overcome, and EFT has been at the very core of that achievement.

(Originally written April 2009)

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