Low Self-Esteem Pt #2

Self Confidence Following on from last time when we looked at what influences our  self confidence,  growing up, now lets consider what you can do to build your so you notice the difference. But lets ask this question.  Does living your life with confidence affect your ‘actual’ life experiences?  Speaking as someone who’s been on […]

Low Self Esteem Pt #1

Esteem and Insecurity What is confidence?  Why do some people have it and others not?  And is there a how to?  You’ve only to look at this flyer of Barack Obama to pick up the essence of what it comprises.  Wikipedia shows the following definitions: Confidence is generally described as a state of being certain […]

Dealing with Anxiety

Help with Anxiety? There are times when anyone can feel unsure about something in life, perhaps there’s uncertainty about a relationship, a job prospect, or handling a certain situation.  We’ve all been there haven’t we?  But dealing with anxiety is something that many try to ignore for as long as they can in the hope […]

What is anxiety

Generalized Anxiety Disorder To treat anxiety clients have often tried a wrath of different modalities before turning to alternative therapies, where using these techniques is the ‘last resort’.   They’ve usually knocked on all the doors of the recommended routes; talking to family and friends, self-help books, counseling, psychotherapy, even prescription drugs.  By the time […]

Low Self Confidence

Improve Self Confidence You’ve heard that saying – what a difference a day makes. How is it that when you have grown up feeling shy and awkward in social situations, meeting new people, starting a new class, new kids joining your class who you wouldn’t dream of going towards and welcoming. Where does that behaviour […]